About US

Founded in 2014, Engelwood has grown from just 3 employees to over 70 today. Our specialised teams work for both the alternative investment fund and corporate industries in Europe, with more than 20 years of experience. We are a truly unique financial and corporate services provider, able to deliver a fully integrated solution across several jurisdictions.

Our staff are our greatest asset, bringing their extensive knowledge and absolute commitment each and every day to ensure excellent service to customers and colleagues alike.

Key figures:

15 billion USD under administration, represented by > 70 investment funds & sub-funds and > 200 SPVs.

Human Capital :
Human Capital :

Our mission

Our mission is built up around the One Stop Shop concept: a global player which stays client focused from the inside out, providing tailored solutions with a high level of expertise.

Our experienced team deals with:

  • complex and common investment policies in the alternative investment fund industry;
  • a challenging tax environment;
  • diversified private client requirements; and
  • a new financing sources environment

in close relationship (fast and proactive) with our clients and in accordance with an increasing regulatory environment.

The Engelwood legal entities are financial, corporate, tax services and asset management & service providers, which are truly independent and able to leverage on the existing expertise by providing a fully integrated solution in several jurisdictions.